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Handmade knives from Poland

Członek Deutsche Messermacher Gilde


I am Robert Lazinski, born in 1962, on Internet knives forums  I usually appear under a nickname “Karud”. I am a member of Deutsche Messermacher Gilde (http://www.deutsche-messermacher-gilde.de) and The Polish Guild of Knifemakers (http://www.pstnibb.pl).

From early childhood cold steel was of great interest to me. I have been making knives more or less regularly since the 90s, though at that time I made a dozen or so of other cold steel models (such as: sabres, battleaxes, parts of arms and armour) mostly followed the models of the Polish specimens from the 16 – 18th centuries and also of the Persian and Turkish armour.

First of all, a knife is more or less a specialized tool, but is it only this? I hold a view that a knife can also be a beautiful item, sometimes even a craft item – it is a perfection that I try to achieve in my works… of course keeping the entire utility of the knife.

I usually prefer a quiet, “classic” form using the best available materials. I seek my inspiration in historical knives and widely recognised Scandinavian knives that are ones of the best knives for everyday use.

Blades are mainly grinded from the ready flats, and their heat treating is commissioned to special experts. I sometimes use ready blades forged by acknowledged makers. For making other parts of the knife I use mostly my favourite natural materials, i.e. wood with interesting tree ring patterns, antlers, horn, mammoth tusk, leather, and the like. Very occasionally I would use modern materials of the micarta type, G10 or other artificial materials (except for the often used stabilized wood), for though I see their functional values, in my opinion they have no “soul” J

Though much the same designs may occur in terms of form or applied adornment, each one of them is uniquely my own.

Thank you for your interest in my website. You are very welcome to acquaint yourself with the selection of my works in the Knife Gallery.